Our Vision

Our Vision

Vision, Mission & Goal

We Glorify God By Making Disciples Of All Nations


We glorify God

Worship Gatherings
Philippians 3.10

We desire the glory of God in Christ

  • God orchestrates history to display His glory
  • God ordains the
    church to enjoy His glory

We glorify God as we become like Christ:

  • Following Christ and becoming like Him is the vision of every Christian and every church
  • Through our worship gatherings, we exalt God in Christ as the only One who is:
  •  Worthy of our worship


By Making Disciples

Local Disciple-Making
Matthew 28.18-20

The four primary facets of disciple-making are:

  • Share the Word
  • Show the Word
  • Teach the Word
  • Serve the World

The question we should constantly be asking at FBI:

  • How can we most effectively make disciples of all nations?

Small groups are:

  • The primary avenue for disciple-making to occur.
  • by Showing the Word & Teaching the Word
  • Growing outward by
    sharing the Word and Serving the World.

We want to see small groups of disciple-makers all over the planet.


Of all Nations

Global Disciple-Making
Psalms 67.1-2

Everything we do at FBI, we do ultimately for the sake of God’s glory in all nations.  Our goal is to give 2% of our time around the world in a way that transforms the other 98%.

By partnering with national disciple-makers and churches in other contexts and equipping them to go into the world with us, and joining hands with faith families all around the world, together, trough short-term missions, we can impact the world for the glory of God.